T - cutlery

“T” is a stainless steel cutlery set that combines the performance of a precision tool with the praise of the guests at the table. The existence of two different verbs for nourishment–to eat (essen in German) and to devour (fressen)–shows a clear distinction made by culture. One eats with dignity, whereas one devours without any at all. The “T” cutlery set strives to enhance the most social and elegant expression of feeding and aims at the alchemy of turning nourishment into nurture. Its pieces are slim, long and graceful. They intend to separate the mouth from the hand an extra inch. Like a baton, they direct rather than touch, they ease our movements at table, render subtler and more fluid. They prevent us from leaning too far to reach the centre of the table and they promote a straight and noble seating position.
The knife, of Norman reminiscences, has a long and large blade in order to keep our index finger away from the food we cut. The forks have an odd number of prongs, three for lifting and five for rolling food. The spoon, unlike the fork, isn’t stopped by the tip of the tongue, enabling a reasonable capacity while preventing the edges from rubbing the upper lip.